Conditions Treated:

  • Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Digestive issues

  • Migraines

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Anemia

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Gluten sensitive/celiac

  • Weight gain

  • Insulin resistance

  • PMS

  • Perimenopause

  • Menopause

  • Allergies

  • Low energy

  • Insomnia


  • Inflammation

  • Chronic conditions

  • Joint pain

  • Whiplash

  • Concussion

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Vaguely feeling Unwell but unsure of why

  • Mysterious symptoms of unknown origin

  • Unsolvable and undiagnosed issues

  • Unresolved chronic conditions that don't seem to improve and perhaps worsen despite treatments so far.

  • and More.

Investigative techniques may include: 

lab testing and evaluation, physical exam, detailed history, review of medications, supplements, diet and lifestyle history, environmental exposures, review of 23&me data and nutrigenetic analysis, and more. 


Treatment modalities may include:

Homeopathy, botanical medicine, Craniosacral therapy, supplements, food as medicine, diet and lifestyle enhancements,  clinical nutrigenetics, prescription medications, and even palliative care of symptoms in some cases while searching for the "why" of your symptoms, and more.