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Meet Dr. Christa Barton: 

A Naturopathic Physician located in SE Portland, here to help you reach your health goals!  She brings the philosophy that there is ALWAYS something that can be done to help you feel better.  Wellness, in essence, is balance, and when we are balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, we can shine brightly and continue to become our best selves, allowing greater ease and the ability to enjoy the journey while striving toward a life that is abundant, vibrantly healthy and full of Joy.  

During her two year medical internship, Dr. Barton treated many patients with Anxiety, depression, and other mood issues.  Discovering a correlation to genetics and moods, she became obsessed with researching and finding ways to support her patients with nutritive and lifestyle enhancements to optimize the genetic machinery. She soon became the "go to" person for patients with MTHFR gene mutations.   Since then, she has discovered that there is so much more to it than just the MTHFR gene.   She now practices clinical nutrigenetics, which touches on many conditions at a very deep level in the function of the body.

Craniosacral therapy is also a very big part of her practice.  This is a gentle, hands on therapy that consists of light touch, and helps to allow better flow in the body via the cerebral spinal fluid between the cranium and the sacrum.  It is known to "reset" the body and can be very transformative, nurturing, and supportive.  It switches the central nervous system into the parasympathetic state, which is the "rest and digest" state.  This is a wonderful restorative treatment for those with chronic stress, stuck in the "fight or flight" mode.  Many patients have found benefit for anxiety, depression, grief, lowering of elevated blood pressure, relief of back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more. 

Naturopathic medicine looks to find the root cause of any health related issue, and then by removing the cause and/or supporting the body in its ability to self correct, healing and rebalance can take place.  The treatment approach is completely individualized and tailored specific to each person based on their story.  

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